• Studies in Education Science and Psychology
  • Three year Training at the Insititute for Holistic Healing in Prana Energetics, Stuttgart
  • Four year Training in Core Energetics with Dr. John Pierrakos, working for several years as
    assistant in further Core Trainings and translator in his workshops, Munich and France
  • Five Years advanced studies of the Guide Lectures by Eva Pierrakos as participant in the
    Pathwork Helpership Training, NewYork City
  • Three year Training in Intuition and Mediality with Ingeborg Kaminski,
    working for several years as Co-leader in further Trainings, Berlin and Stuttgart
  • Trainings in Spiritual Healing with Gerda Bareuther, Stuttgart as well as further education in
    Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and Systemic Familyconstellation
  • Teacher at the Core Energetics Institute Cordium Core Evolutionary, Netherlands
  • Studies for many years of Indian Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism, Teachings and Initiations
    through Indian Masters and Tibetan Rinpoches, longterm study visits and retreats in the Himalayas
  • Co-founder of Shambhala tours & meditation, leading groups to power places in the Himalayas,
    discovering old pilgrimage routes to sacred places in India and Tibet, leading meditation retreats
  • Co-founder of Shambhala e.V. nonprofit association that is running the schoolproject
    Jamyang Ling in Zanskar, a remote and impoverished area in the Himalayas