magic is real

Financial crisis. Climate crisis. Relationship crisis. Identity crisis. Midlife crisis. ”Crisis“ seems to be the most
used word these days. In mass media, in our collective mind as well as in our personal consciousness, our
feelings, thoughts and bodies. Sometimes we seem to be helpless in the face of crisis in ourselves and around us.

Magic can reconnect us with something truly powerful. It reminds us of another dimension that is bigger than us.
We are touched by a message from Heaven and we find the way back to our courage and trust to meet our
challenges in life. Magic is an inspiration to explore who we really are and to follow our own true destination.

Magic is present everywhere and always. It reveals itself when we are willing to allow it, when we ask and listen
to our inner voice. When we let ourselves be guided by our Higher Self and follow the Will of our Heart.
Or simply put: when we step out of our own way.

When magic moments happen in our lifes, we are enchanted. We are deeply touched by love, meaningfulness and
the experience of a higher and bigger dimension.

This is an invitation to open up again for this dimension. Our emotional or spiritual or financial or any other crisis
are welcomed and embraced. They can be a door opener. Behind one of the doors to our inner worlds there lives Magic.
Touching it, feeling it, watching it at work, experience it wholeheartedly, empowers our spiritual grounding and gives
strength and trust in our own potential and our life′s plan.

Workshops based on Core Energetics and Pathwork