After completing my degree in Education Science I was led to explore various holistic modalities in Therapy
and Concepts of Consciousness. Meeting John Pierrakos, the founder of Core Energetics furthered and
deepened my inner journey. The Pathwork Lectures, channeled by his wife Eva, are an essential part in
this grounded, dynamic and spiritual approach to helping people find their core-self and acceptance of truth.

Leading spiritual groups to India and Tibet, numerous visits in Thailand, Bali and New York as well as my
own research and practice in Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies are giving me valuable awareness
and ongoing inspiration that I love to integrate in my life and work.

I’m following the inner call to guide and assist people on their way to finding their own essence.
With deep joy and devotion, I sense my work as an affair of my heart.
I’m happy to share it with you!

And don't believe you can guide the
course of love, for love – if it considers
you worthy – guides your course.

Khalil Gibran