The foundation of my work are the basic methods and energetic principals of Core Energetics and Pathwork,
integrated with bioenergetic exercises, the analysis of character defenses and their belief systems as well as
breath-work, meditation and approaching one’s personal lifetask. Physical, emotional and spiritual blockages
can be recognized and patterns of holding back the flow of life energy be released. Talking about these
experiences helps integration into your present and biographical background.

Energy and consciousness can create a new orientation and bring forth more clarity and awareness about your
intention in life. You will progress in becoming the creator of your reality and you will be empowered in letting
go of old patterns of dependency and destructive repetitions.

I consider my work as guidance and support on your personal journey to Your-Self, your incorporate own potential
and your Higher Self – to your essence. In addition to the ‘set of tools’ that I learned in numerous trainings, I also
feel guided by intuition and a sense of subtle vibration and energies. I combine it with my experience of many
years in supervising and assisting people in travelling inner and outer journeys.